Fabric Drops

Printed On Stretch Fabric, Full Colour, Single Sided With Velcro Attached to the Back Which Is Then Affixed To The Shell Scheme. Fabric Can Be Steam Cleaned + Packed Away For Future Shows.

BOOTH SIZE:                                         PRICE:                        GRAPHIC SIZE:
3×2 Corner Booth                                    $1050.00                     2.95M x 2.4M + 1.95M x 2.4M
3×3 Corner/3×6 Island                            $1250.00                     2.95M x 2.4M or 5.95M x 2.4M
3×3 Middle Booth                                    $1750.00                     2.95M x 2.4M (3)
3×4 Corner Booth                                    $1450.00                     2.95M x 2.4M + 3.95M x 2.4M
3×6 Corner Booth                                    $1950.00                     2.95M x 2.4M + 5.95M x 2.4M
3×6 Middle Booth                                    $2350.00                    2.95M x 2.4M (2) +  5.95M x 2.4M
6×4 Corner Booth                                    $2150.00                     5.95M x 2.4M + 3.95M x 2.4M
6×4 Middle Booth                                    $2700.00                    5.95M x 2.4M + 3.95M x 2.4M (2)

Made to Any Size Booth

B – Buy & Reuse
Sl – Self Install

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